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Track your parcel
10.12.2015, 01:32

Track your parcel

On the Internet site of Russian Post you can keep track of your postal item by unique postal identifier, track number, which is assigned to registered postal items, i.e. registered or ensured. At each stage of item conveyance the postal identifier information is entered into the integrated accounting and control system of Russian Post which allows to keep track of a postal item online.

The description of the system status (in case of incoming international postal item) is given in the special manual.

Are there any questions?

Dial hotline number: 8-800-2005-888

Search by postal identificator

Track and trace of processing operations at regional post offices (including international) by postal identificator (or either by Russian domestic 14 character identificator or international identificator).

The postal identificator is put on the receipt given at the acceptance of the postal item. Number type: 115127(80)151384.

You should enter the following characters:

Postal identificator: 11512780151384 (number without brackets or spaces).

To keep track of an international or EMS postal item it is required to enter 4 characters and 9 digits.

Only CAPITAL LETTERS of the Roman alphabet shall be entered.

For example: YF123456789RU (number without spaces).

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