About us

Modellisimo.ru was founded in 2013. Our main goal is to make the prices for large-scale models of cars 1:43 1:18 1:12 available for buyers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. We strive to make our prices for the collection models of cars 1:43 1:18 1:12 at European level, and at the same time to have a wide range of scale models in our warehouse in Moscow. Collectors and just lovers of beautiful and high-quality collection models on a scale that will love it! Our range includes several thousand models of cars, motorcycles, aircraft, including accessories.

Modellisimo.ru is the leading seller of car models of scales 1:18 and 1:43 in Russia. We have an extensive client base in all regions of Russia and beyond, and we look forward to all our regular and new customers. Handle any of your orders - for us it is not impossible to search, deliver and sell any model of the car in scale 1:43 1:18 1:12!

We send orders on the day of receipt of payment with our trusted delivery partner "Russian Post". Thus, all orders are guaranteed to reach the recipient. By e-mail, we send you a tracking number on the Internet, and our customers can track their package at any time.

What can I buy in the online store "Modellissimo":

  • Models of cars
  • Models of racing cars
  • Models of trucks
  • Motorcycle Models
  • Models of buses
  • Models of special equipment
  • Models of military equipment
  • Models of aircraft
  • Accessories for models
  • Figures
  • Prefabricated models

Internet-shop "Modellissimo" is a convenience of payment and delivery.
You can pay for the order:

  • Cash (courier or employee of the store when samovyvoz)
  • Non-cash transfer of the invoice from a legal entity
  • Non-cash transfer of the invoice from an individual
  • Plastic card Visa or MasterCard when you order or receive it
  • Plastic card Visa or MasterCard at the point of issue of orders
  • Using the service "Yandex.Kassa"
  • Making a loan online on the site
  • Gift certificate (available denominations of certificates: 1 500 rubles, 3 000 rubles, 5 000 rubles, 10 000 rubles and 25 000 rubles)

We will deliver your order at the most prompt time and at a convenient time for you.
Delivery options:

  • We deliver orders to the house, to the office or to the nearest point of issue of orders
  • Possible courier delivery on the day of the order. If there is a free courier, we can deliver the order within a few hours
  • Possible express delivery to the regions the next day, when ordering up to 17-00
  • Take your order yourself at one of 1,537 locations in 820 cities in Russia

The online store "Modellisimo" is always a pleasant shopping!

  • Loyalty program "Modellissimo". For regular customers, there is a discount for a regular customer from 3% to 10% of the value of orders made. Discount is accumulative and increases from the amount of orders made.
  • We will advise you on any question about models by phone.
  • Prize draws every month.
  • Discounts and promotions every day - buy hundreds of models at the best prices!
  • Order in any convenient way: WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram +7 (926) 709-3934 or using the service "Call me" (in this case, the operator will call back and place an order).

What else is interesting about Modellisimo.ru:

  • Periodically, we hold contests with awards in the form of models or gift certificates
  • Buy in 1 click - just leave your phone number and the rest we take care of
  • Interesting videos and text reviews of new models
  • WhatsApp / Viber / Telegram +7 (926) 709-3934. Make an order with our operator by phone, as well as specify the availability of goods, the size and weight of the model or find out about discounts and prize drawings!