Terminology of model statuses
"In stock" - the model is in our stock in stock, and is available for purchase at any time.
"Coming Soon!" - the model in the process of delivery to our warehouse and in the near future will be available for receipt. On these models you can place an order and as soon as it appears in the warehouse our manager will contact you to clarify the details of payment and delivery of the order.
"Preorder" - this model is delivered to order individually. Delivery times of the ordered model are agreed separately. Please note that the website shows the latest price for which the ordered model was sold. The cost of the model can vary both in large and in smaller side. The final price is agreed with the buyer at the time of placing the order. If the proposed price of the model does not suit the buyer - the order will be canceled. In some cases, according to the decision of the store, an advance payment may be required to make an order.
Delivery time in Moscow
When ordering, delivery takes place on the same day, either the next day or the next day, depending on the courier's load. If tomorrow is a day off or a holiday - our employee will report on the possibility of delivery by phone or email.
Delivery time Worldwide
Almost all major cities are usually 14-21 days. For more details about delivery, see Delivery of goods.
The point of self-transportation is located at the address: 142784, Moscow, 1st km. Kievskoe shosse, Business Park "Rumyantsevo", Building B, 2nd Floor, Showroom 231b (200 meters from the metro station "Rumyantsevo"). More details about the points of self-delivery in the section Delivery.