You can pay by PayPal online securely

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VISA or MasterCard
You can pay by VISA or MasterCard online securely.

You can pay by VISA or MasterCard online securely.

About Yandex.Money

Yandex.Money is the largest online payment service in Russia. We make shopping at online stores accessible for all Russians. The service also allows users to conveniently pay for services, like home utilities and mobile phone. Yandex.Money is a joint venture of Russia’s most popular search portal, Yandex (YNDX), and Sberbank, the largest bank in Eastern Europe. Over 18 million e-wallets are registered on Yandex.Money, with 12,000 new ones opened every day.
Yandex.Money also offers merchants from all over the world an integrated payment solution. This is a unique opportunity for both businesses and customers. Online businesses sign up for just one package to accept all the most popular payment methods Russian consumers use: e-money, bank cards, cash, and mobile carrier billing. Never miss out on a payment because your customers don’t have the payment option they need.
Our mission is to enhance commercial efficiency on the internet by maintaining a versatile payment environment that brings customers and merchants together.
Yandex.Money's partners include banks, internet and telecom service providers, online stores, game publishers, postal and municipal services, payment integrators, and more. We are pleased to offer partnership opportunities to online businesses targeting the growing online audience in Russia and other CIS countries.

P2P transfers with Yandex.Money

To transfer money from your Yandex.Money account or any Visa/Mastercard to another Yandex.Money user, provide the recipient’s account number, email address, or phone number.
You can set a security code to ensure the transfer gets to the right person.

Payments on Yandex.Money’s site

With Yandex.Money you can pay for various online goods and services.