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12.12.2015, 16:10

Personal discounts and promo-codes
You can have your personal discount in Modellisimo.com web store. To use your personal discount you need to register on our website and proceed to checkout after you have logged in to our website. Your personal discount is calculated automatically. The level of your discount (2, 4, 6 or 8%) depends on the total value of your current and all previous orders.

If you have any orders that you have placed without registration, you can also add it to your account if you use the same e-mail address.


Discount levels:

from   251 EUR   -   discount 2% *

from   501 EUR   -   discount 4% *

from 1001 EUR   -   discount 6% *

from 3001 EUR   -   discount 8% *

Please do not forget to Log In to use your personal discount.

If you are a happy owner of one of our promo-codes, please do not forget to fill it in the special field in the order wizard.

* In the following categories models discount does not apply:

Discount does not apply to "RARITIES"

Discount does not apply to "USED MODELS"

Discount does not apply to the "SALE"

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